BOXI - Connection overload (universe)

BOXI - Connection overload (universe)

Posted By: pmietlicki

Published to Business Objects on Jul 22, 2017

Consider a simple example, you have a global universe that is used by several departments. Since the users of each department must access only their data from their department, you created as many universes as departments by only changing the ODBC connection for each department ...
This forces you to maintain X different universe only because of a connection problem. There are fortunately a simple solution to this, which is called connections overload.

  1. To do this, open the universe then go to "Tools-> Manage Security-> Manage Access Restrictions"
  2. You create each restriction to be applied by clicking "New" in the window restrictions. In this case, a new restriction is created for each department for which the desired connection and selects only one to be used by the department.
  3. Following the creation of connections, simply select the user group or user to which the restriction applies and click "Apply"

Accordingly, users of this group who will use reports based on this universe will only access to data returned by the restriction. This ensures that a department will only access data returned by the connection of his department.

Warning: the default connection in "File-> Settings" should be "widest", the one you need to administrate the universe.

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