BOXI3 – synchronise accounts with ldap

BOXI3 – synchronise accounts with ldap

Posted By: pmietlicki

Published to Business Objects on Jul 23, 2017

This problem does not exist anymore under BOXI4, this feature is already provided

For BOXI3, luckily, a java script exist If an account is deleted inside your LDAP server and this script is launched, this deletion will be propagated under BOXI3.

To schedule it, you'll have to

  • add the program inside the list of objects under the CMC

Inside the CMC, go to "Folders", "Personal folders" then "Manage→Add→Program file". Set the path of the jar file "SynchUsers.jar" and the “type”, select “Java” then confirm by clicking on Ok.

  • Under the properties of the program file, go to “Default parameters→Program parameters”, then in the input box under “Class to launch”, type SynchLDAPUsers.
  • Schedule the program with “Schedule→Periodicity” to launch it when you want (every day, once a week, etc).

The sync. program :