WebDev - Unlock file from SCM

WebDev - Unlock file from SCM

Posted By: pmietlicki

Published to WebDev on Jul 22, 2017

Under WebDev, it is possible when working with a team on a project, one of your colleague is blocking pages or projects resources but went on vacation... If this is the case, you'll have to unlock these resources before being able to work on it again.

However, with the SCM (Source Code Manager) under WebDev, this is not necessarily intuitive. In fact, you'll have to go to "SCM administrator" (the name is misleading since it makes us believe that we are already logged in as administrator, but it's not necessarily the case) under "SCM"->"Manage".

Then click on "File -> Datasource Connection".

If you use a SCM database in the HyperFileSQL Classic format, the defaut administrator is "Admin" (without password). If you use a SCM HyperFileSQL Server/Client database, you'll have to use the credentials of any user of type "Administrator".

To know : the database connection inside the SCM as administrator is different from "Become a master on the project". To make administrative things, you'll have to be connected as an administrator.

You'll then have access to the "Tools->Administration" menu, the option that we want here is "Cancel extractions".

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