Alfresco - behind a reverse proxy

Alfresco - behind a reverse proxy

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Published to Work on Jul 23, 2017

The Internet access can be filtered through a proxy with environment variable :


Edit the "" bundle and add an option to JAVA_OPTS : -Dhttp.proxyPort=8080 -Dhttp.nonProxyHosts=192.168.0.*|10.1.*

In this example, the proxy is '' and listens to the '8080' port, the access to other subnetworks and won't use the proxy.
If the proxy is authenticated (user "username" and password "supersecret"), add this :


Very specific case of the MS ISA Server 2004 « secured » proxy

It uses a NTLM authentication with the domain, hostname, login and password ! Install NTLM Authorization Proxy Server :

apt-get install ntlmaps

Edit /etc/ntlmaps/server.cfg file and use these parameters :

Inside [GENERAL]
LISTEN_PORT: 5865 #local proxy port
PARENT_PROXY_PORT: port #ISA proxy port
ALLOW_EXTERNAL_CLIENTS: 0 #1 to permit connections through it

Inside [NTLM_AUTH]
NT_HOSTNAME: My_Host #name of known host inside the Windows domain
NT_DOMAIN: NT_Domain #NT domain name
USER: username #connection name inside the NT domain
PASSWORD: mypassword #user password inside the NT domain
NTLM_FLAGS: 07820000

Then :

/etc/init.d/ntlmaps restart
export http_proxy=http://localhost:5865

Edit and change the proxy to localhost:5865.

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