DMS : nuxeo or alfresco ?

DMS : nuxeo or alfresco ?

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Published to Work on Jul 23, 2017

DMS (Document Management System), as its name suggests, allows you to manage the life cycle of the document, from creation to deletion. The DMS must also provide simple and effective tools to find a document, retrieve a maximum of information about the document (keywords, metadata, etc.). It should enable full control of its documentary database to establish a comprehensive and sustainable knowledge base for the organization. Controlling information is bring more responsiveness to the business !

Unfortunately, a lot of institutions or organization, does not implement DMS in a correct way or in a way that would really permit more responsiveness to the business... I guess this is not because of the tools or many solutions that already exist but, in most case, because of persons and the change management that goes with it.

Expected features

  • Create, store, share
  • Rights Management
  • Working at several
  • Index content
  • Establish relationships between documents
  • Lifecycle Management
    • Workflow management
    • Process validation
  • Archiving versions
  • Advanced search

Tools : Alfresco, Nuxeo and Exo platform

By searching the web, I found several products including 2 that are, in my view, inescapable : Alfresco and Nuxeo. Opensource tools that I was able to test and install. I also wanted to talk about Exo platform that is different from others and that I think, will really emerge in the coming years, it is very complete and really goes beyond DMS, it allows management of all the infrastructure of an organization (virtual platform, portal, document management, virtual machine with applications, etc.).


I installed and tested Alfresco on a virtual server. What I can say is that you can set it up quickly (there are packages for Ubuntu and other servers) and it is quite easy to configure. The basic configuration is completely suitable for a DMS but there is more, it's a really interesting and very complete solution.

It embeds a lot of other features :

  • sharepoint emulation
  • native support of WebDAV
  • a user-oriented portal (called share)
  • a DMS oriented portal for administrators (called alfresco)
  • conversion of documents on the fly to any format
  • personal calendar
  • etc.

In short, Alfresco is proven solution, reliable and efficient, which embeds more features than the basic needs of DMS. It is, in my opinion, both its strength and its weakness as a user wants a simple tool that best meets their needs without being overbearing. With some "personalization" Alfresco can really be a good solution. Alfresco is an American product (USA).


Nuxeo is a French solution supported by a lot of French organizations. When one knows the cultural specificities, this may be of importance. It is, as Alfresco, a proven and effective product specializing in DMS. It meets 100% of the features outlined above. It embeds a customizable portal using gadgets (or widgets).

Here are its advantages:


How to install it under Linux (official documentation) :

In short :

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add
sudo add-apt-repository "deb $(lsb_release -cs) fasttracks"


Please refer to the official documentation

Nuxeo or Alfresco ?

At first, I would have chosen Alfresco, there was more features and it was easier to install and use.
But both solutions have evolved a lot
, I prefer the nuxeo marketplace but alfresco has something similar.
I guess if you have a small to medium organization, you could use nuxeo, for large scale organization or something more advanced, I would rather suggest alfresco in conjunction with liferay.

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