Swiss tool for creating a website

Swiss tool for creating a website

Posted By: pmietlicki

Published to Work on Jul 22, 2017

Recently I had the opportunity to create some websites. So I was confronted to a few technical problems and I have particularly used various tools, components and resources listed in this article.

First, the creation in itself, nothing is more useful and productive than using a framework (set of libraries, tools and conventions for the development of applications). When programming in PHP (language mainly used to create dynamic Web sites), there are some very well known ones:

  • Laravel - elegant, beautiful and easy to learn (my choice !)

They all respect the MVC model but I find Laravel easier to use, the learning effort is limited and so you can be efficient very fast.

The general impression I got digging on the Internet is that framework such as Zend or Symfony are huge and quite complex but very handy for large-scale Web applications.

What I use :

DB designer


Design :


Regular Expression :

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