TubeList : What for ?

A playlist manager made for TV thanks to kodi plugin

Disclaimer : be aware that it is still in early development so you can experience some bugs

  • Discography

    Listen to your favorite artist

    Use the "Search" feature to get the discography of the artist you want to listen to (top 20, albums, similar artists)

  • Generic playlists

    Top 20, youtubers and more

    Listen to generic playlists that you can copy to create your own playlist with "Copy to mine" button.

  • Create yours

    Made for you

    Register and create / manage the playlists you want.

    Share it with your friends in read mode ("Read link" button) or in write mode ("Add content" button)

  • Multiple devices

    TV, tablet and more

    You can listen to your playlist by using different devices.

    You can use your TV to listen to your playlists by using the Kodi plugin on an embed device.

  • Fun to use

    Fun to use

    You are now able to create playlist for your events, party, nights or even use it to set the musical atmosphere at work.

  • Share


    Share the playlist in read mode or write mode to your friends.

    The write mode is normally in real time and permits concurrent update of the playlist.

TubeList is an online playlist manager with concurrent edition. The idea is for a user to be able to create different type of playlists with its friends in real time for listening to music or create a specific playlist for its children, or learning physics, maths, sciences in general or whatever comes to mind.

The main provider is youtube but, based on the videojs plugin, you can add content from dailymotion or other providers. Right now, the providers or types of videos supported are : Youtube, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, RTMP, mpegURL

Listen to existing playlists.

No need to be registered just go to the "TubeList" menu and you'll have different options.

Your favorite artist

  1. Use the "Search" feature and type the name of the artist you want to listen to.
  2. Select in the list below the artist you are looking for by clicking on it.
  3. The application will take some time to retrieve and load the discography of the artist.
  4. Click on the playlist you want, it will automatically be added inside the "clip" category so you can listen to it later without redoing the whole process.

When you click on the playlist, it is added inside the "clip" category that you can filter by date of creation by clicking on "Created at" label.

Have you noticed the buttons on the right ? You can read the playlist by clicking on "Read link" or copy it to your personal list of playlists (if registered) by clicking on "Copy to mine"

Similar artist

Click on an artist to launch the search from the beginning and retrieve the discography of this new artist.

List of similar artists are retrieved from service.

Generic playlists

Use the search component or categories inside "Generic playlists" to filter existing playlists (entertainment, education, top 100 tracks by country, etc.)

  1. Click on the category list to display the various types of playlists that exist.
  2. Use the "Read link" button on the right to listen to it.

Create a playlist

You need to be registered then you can share your playlists in read mode or write mode with your friends. The friends you are sharing your playlists with don't need to be registered. The write mode is normally in real time and permits concurrent update of the playlist.

At first, you need to be connected to create a playlist by clicking on the "Account" menu then you can register with facebook, twitter or google or you can use the "Register" form.

Once registered, you just have to go to the "TubeList" menu.

Inside the "Playlists of" your name, you will see the "Add" button. Type the name of the playlist and the description (you can modify it later by using the "Update" button)

You'll see it appears below with various buttons / actions that you can do :

  • "Add content" button to go to the playlist and add / modify videos. If you want to share the playlist in write mode, copy the link associated to this button and share it with your friends.
  • "Read link" is almost the same that "Add content" except that it is just a read mode, no modification will be saved. If you want to share the playlist in read only mode, copy the link associated to this button and share it with your friends.
  • "Update" to modify the name and description of the playlist.

Copy a generic playlist

Inside the "Generic playlists" component, you will see some buttons on the right. Use the "Copy to mine" button to copy a generic playlist to your personal list of playlists, you'll then be able to modify it.

Add videos or listen to playlist

When you click on the "Read link" or "Add content" link, you can listen or modify the playlist. When you're listening to a playlist, it's by design in repeat mode, when the last video is finished, it will restart from the beginning

When you open a playlist, it will start to play automatically. On the left, you'll have the video displayed with basic controls (previous video , repeat this video only , and next video ).

On the right, you can manage the playlist by moving videos, remove one, play anyone, shuffle everything or delete all.

If in "Write mode" (Add content), you can add videos by searching from youtube with the "Search" component and click on "Add" from the list that appears.

You can also add videos from other providers (dailymotion, soundcloud, etc) by using the "URL" component and click on "Add video". Just below this component, you can control the list of videos with the "Shuffle" button (that will reorder randomly the list) and "Delete all" button that will completely empty the list, use it with caution.

Get your playlists on other devices (TV, tablet, etc)

Responsive across devices

The playlist manager has been developed to be responsive thanks to bootstrap. So if you have a web browser, you can listen to your playlist directly on it. The video player is in HTML5 so you should not have any problems. But if you want it on your TV, you should know that a plugin exist for Kodi (formerly XBMC) and this is compatible with a lot of devices (Android, tablets, computers, home media center, etc.), just install kodi on it.

Use the Kodi (formerly XBMC) repository to see the playlists on your TV !

  1. Launch Kodi and go to "System" - "Settings".
  2. Go to the "Add-ons" part.
  3. Select the zip file you've downloaded.
  4. Once installed, click on "Get Add-ons" and select "PMietlicki Addons".
  5. Go to Program Add-ons and select the english plugin called "aPiTV Portal" then "Install"
  6. Once installed the plugin wll be available inside "Programs" menu